The value-based benefits design approach has proven successful time and again for companies willing to explore ideas outside the box. At Rittenhouse Benefits, we deliver value-based benefits programs tailored to meet the needs of your organization.

We believe so strongly in the efficacy of value-based benefits design that we will place our fees at risk to underwrite success.

The bottom line: stop paying more and getting less from your health insurance plan.

Value-based benefits design (also called value-based insurance design) works on the assumption that helping your employees make better health choices is the best way to lower costs. Value-based benefits design supports your employees in making better health choices and lower costs through employee programs that:

  • Emphasize the value of healthy living.
  • Provide education in managing chronic conditions.
  • Provide targeted programs that show employees how to make smart, cost-effective medical decisions.

We can help you develop programs that increase access to care, make care more affordable, and help your staff make better health care decisions. To give you  a flavor of available value-based benefits programs that deliver results for both large and midsized companies, we have described some of our popular programs. Don’t see what you need? Reach out to us for a no-obligation consultation and get more information on real-life experiences with value-based benefits design.


Many experts believe that the emerging telemedicine market is the next big thing in health care. Telemedicine gives employees access to a certified physician right over the phone. In some cases, the physician can diagnose and prescribe treatment on the call. This service is available at an affordable price that will inevitably lead to a decrease in the costly use of emergency rooms and urgent care centers. Click here for more information on telemedicine.

Health risk management

Health risk management is an important element in workplace risk reduction programs and strategies.  Click here to learn more about health risk management. Below are some features that could be added to the strategy for you company depending on your employee’s needs.

Employer health opportunity assessments

Our affiliated consultants have studied companies that have been successful in developing a culture of health. They have designed a benchmarking analysis that will help you design a strategy that targets key pressure points that will build a “culture of health.”

Our objective is to create a three-year roadmap for creating such a culture. This assessment is a highly customized approach that builds upon and accelerates wellness initiatives that may already be in place in your organization.

Health screening programs

Many companies uncover large numbers of their staff with undiagnosed medical conditions when they conduct routine blood screenings, BMI (body mass index) tests and blood pressure evaluations.

In particular, employees with diabetes and high blood pressure are identified. Getting those conditions identified and treated early can prevent disaster in the future.

Health coaching programs

Certified coaches consult with your staff members to establish individual health goals. The certified coaches then work with your employees on an ongoing basis to meet those goals.

Diabetes management

Rittenhouse Benefits can help you implement a diabetes management program that links the first telephonic enabled glucometer with an ongoing coaching system. Real-time data is integrated with proprietary analytic intelligence to engage diabetics and their families in a step by step approach to disease control. Click here to learn more about how you can help your employees better control diabetes.

Health care transparency, decision support & navigation services

Empower your employees to make smart and cost-effective health care decisions. Better information can save time and money. Technology combined with a thoughtful incentive program can encourage your staff members to realize that it is in their best interest to purchase and use health care wisely. Click here to learn more about cutting edge benefits administration technology that can help you bend the cost curve.

Nutritional plans

Worksite-specific nutritional programs or medically supervised diet programs can fit into your company’s larger wellness offerings. Contact us for more information on implementing nutrition into your workplace offerings.