Are you looking for wellness and disease management programs that are simple, flexible, employee friendly, and deliver measurable results? At Rittenhouse Benefits, we have partnered with experienced players in the health and wellness industry—to bring your organization programs that actually work and deliver results to your bottom-line.

When you work with Rittenhouse Benefits, you can expect solutions that meet real-life performance criteria for wellness and disease management.

Your environment, your needs, your success

A wellness and disease management program is useful for you company only if it meets the needs of your people in your environment. You can expect Rittenhouse Benefits to mix and match “plug and play” program options to fit your needs. You can expect implementation excellence to make any program that you choose work for your environment.

Your staff, your success

For a wellness and disease management program to work, your employees need to buy into the program. Rittenhouse Benefits brings proven incentive strategies, employee communications that actually work, and user friendly tools to your employees. By delivering tangible positive improvements to health and lifestyle, your impact on work culture, your wellness and disease management program will be a win-win for management and staff.

Tangible results

Like any other investment, your wellness and disease management program should deliver return on investment. With Rittenhouse Benefits, you can expect data, analysis, and interpretation to support the claims. You will not be in the position of spending your hard-earned resources on questionable investments.

So, what do we offer to help employees improve wellness?

Year Round Wellness  — self-directed campaigns increase awareness, education, and engagement throughout the year. Result: employees do more for their own health.

Wellness Assessments — collects personal health and behavioral information. Result: a measure of the health risks of your workforce and willingness to change.

Preventive Screenings — Provide your employees with baseline information about their cholesterol, blood pressure, triglycerides, glucose, height, weight, body mass index, and waist circumference. Result: measure changes and improvements in employee health.

Health Coaching — one-on-one support for the employees who can benefit the most. Result: at-risk employees are more likely to make changes to improve their health.

What do we offer management to help your wellness and disease management programs succeed?

We will help you determine objectives that make the most sense for your company, and tailor programs to your needs. From program design, incentives, implementation, and ongoing program management—we are here to support your needs.

Our online tools support management with real-time tracking reporting, analysis, and other management tools. You can measure results and track employee engagement—and use the data to tune your wellness and disease management programs.

Your next step – reach out

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