Bottom line: the healthcare cost for uncontrolled diabetes can be 2-8 times higher than controlled diabetes. By helping your employees manage and control their diabetes, you can get control of your healthcare costs, keep productive employees on the job, and increase employee satisfaction.

At Rittenhouse Benefits, we help your employees manage and control their diabetes, delivering tangible benefits to your organization and to your employees.

Envelope employees with the resources and tools needed to control diabetes

Our comprehensive care plan, provides complete diabetes health management. We will provide your employees and their families, with information, awareness, resources, and support—enabling them to take control of their diabetes and improve health outcomes.

Technology: real-time diabetes management system moves measurements from a glucometer and other devices directly to a coaching center.

Supporting real-people: a web portal offers engaging tracking of blood sugar, complete with a reward and incentive program.  We will send messages and alerts directly to your employees, in order to keep them informed and engaged.

Smart interventions: advanced data analytics provides targeted diabetes support at teachable moments.

Support and resources: each employee has access to a personal health care team, including professionals and health coaches, who are on call to help your employees at all times.  Your employees will learn how to track their diabetes and stay on top of their health. The result will be fewer complications, fewer interventions, and fewer hospitalizations.

You can stop diabetes from driving your healthcare costs

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