How much of your benefits budget does special or supportive-care needs devour? For many organizations, the answer is “too much for not enough”. Too much of your budget. Not enough in terms of quality of care.

Special or supportive-care needs refers to the need for complex medical care for your employees or their family members with  behavioral health conditions, intellectual disabilities, or developmental disabilities. It also refers to chronic medical conditions or disabilities, including the frail elderly, who require long-term services and support.

The challenges in providing for supportive-care needs

Special or supportive-care needs, if available at all, can be difficult to obtain. When they are delivered, affordability is a major challenge. The bottom line results for your organization include high costs and distracted employees.

Do your employees and their family members with complex health needs find themselves with inadequate coverage for the medical services they require? Does it make sense for you to pay so much for supportive-care when employees feel that they are not getting the services they need?

Care coordination

Health care cost rises for both patient and provider when the insurance provider has no structure to coordinate care delivery. Lack of coordination lowers quality and raises costs. Fortunately, care coordination can cost-effectively improve care and hold down costs, in a win-win for your employees and your organization.

We offer improved healthcare for special or supportive-care needs

Rittenhouse Benefits can help customize special or supportive-care plans. The plans can supplement virtually any primary health care plan that has in-network, out-of-network, and prescription coverage, including high-deductible plans and Medicare.

In many cases, we match your organization to a special or supportive-care plan that has no medical underwriting, waiting periods, or preexisting condition limitations. You can deliver special and supportive-care and get control over runaway costs.

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