While your organization was suffering punishing costs for healthcare benefits, a small number of other employers flattened or reduced their costs by pursuing strategic alternatives. At Rittenhouse Benefits, we are focused on helping you realize measurable financial metrics, as well as gains in productivity and employee satisfaction.

  • Improved financial results – lower costs, more profit, and rapid return on investment.
  • Improved productivity.
  • Improved “soft” results  – reductions in absenteeism/presenteeism, reduced turnover, reduced recruiting costs, and greater employee satisfaction.

Bottom line results are driven by better health

Employee satisfaction and bottom line savings are driven by outcomes. Fewer avoidable healthcare events are the results that matter to you, and the results that matter to your employees. When we build a solution for you, we are guided by data-driven, evidence-based methodology. And, easy to use reporting and analytics that keep you informed at all times.


In other parts of your business, you expect data to support your business decisions. You should expect data to guide and monitor your healthcare benefits administration, as well.  Initial assessments provide you with baseline data on your workforce, and highlight the areas where your efforts will yield the biggest impact on your bottom-line results.

Periodic screenings help you track progress, whiles providing employees with the data that they need to make smart choices.

State-of-the-art analytics and reporting help you track usage, progress, engagement, and cost.

It really works – case study at Melton Trucking


Your next step — get bottom line results in your organization

Find out more about how you can bend the cost curve and improve employee satisfaction. Contact us today for a no-obligation consultation or online webinar with Rittenhouse Benefits. We can help you succeed.

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