Are you trying to get away from “I win, you lose” thinking about employee benefits? With Rittenhouse Benefits, you can increase employee satisfaction and make your operation more efficient.

  • Simplifying healthcare for employees leads to increased employee satisfaction and a host of other benefits.
  • Improved “soft” results  – reductions in absenteeism/presenteeism, reduced turnover, reduced recruiting costs, greater employee satisfaction.

We will work with you to create a culture of health in your organization, and to support that culture of health with the resources and tools that make health part and parcel of the fabric of your employees’ experience. Starting with Employer Health Opportunity Assessments, we take every opportunity to mold your healthcare benefits administration in a way that will bend the cost curve and deliver great results for your staff.

Keep it simple

Simple solutions work. And, simple solutions work for employees. At Rittenhouse Benefits, we are experts at designing simpler, smarter healthcare benefits solutions that deliver benefits for employers, employees, and professionals.

By making your benefits program easy to access and  easy to understand, employee satisfaction goes up. By offering simple opportunities, and timely support for making health changes in their own lives, employee satisfaction goes up. Our focus is on empowering your employees to make smart lifestyle choices and smart choices in healthcare. When employees take charge and make changes in their own health — your employees win and the overall health of your organization wins.

Keep it fresh

At Rittenhouse Benefits, you will get access to state-of-the-art technology resources for employee benefits administration and for wellness programs. Click here to learn more about technology for human resources and benefits administration.

Your employees will access benefits – and tools for making healthy choices – via a friendly, up-to-date web portal. Your wellness solution will engage, educate and motivate your staff. Health outcomes will improve, employee satisfaction will grow, and your costs will drop as your company provides the tools to learn, and to take action. The portal combines plan data, gaming concepts, seminars, health challenges, and real-time tracking of staff activities.

Keep it real – support employees as you move to real results

Making healthy choices is not easy. Coaching and personal support is critical to success – and will help you achieve positive impact on work culture. At Rittenhouse Benefits, we will set your employees up with the coaching, encouragement, and expertise needed to make long-lasting, sustainable lifestyle changes.

Health coaching provides one-on-one support for the employees who will benefit the most. Professional health coaches make a difference. Provide an extra boost for employees who are at-risk and who are ready make changes to improve their health. In most organizations, just 20% of employees drive the majority of claims. Health coaching will improve employee satisfaction, reduce costs, and lower absenteeism for you most at-risk employees.

Keep it practical

Creating a culture of health and wellness is a year-round endeavor. At Rittenhouse Benefits, we will help you build and deliver activities that increase awareness, education, and engagement throughout the calendar year.

  • Ongoing programs — health campaigns make for a culture of health that permeates your organization.
  • Assessments — get clear data on the health risks of your workforce and willingness to change.
  • Screenings — get a clear picture of physical health, and empower employees with the data that they need to make smart choices. Biometric screenings provide baseline information about cholesterol, blood pressure, triglycerides, glucose, height, weight, body mass index, and waist circumference.

Get the support that you need with Rittenhouse Benefits

We will partner with you to design a wellness solution that is right for you and your employees. Instead of taking just any solution, we will help you choose and implement a solution that works for your organization. Together, we will chose the program and incentives that will maximize bottom line results and employee satisfaction, based on your demographics, resources, and objectives. Throughout the process, Rittenhouse Benefits provides the expertise and experience to help you succeed – from design, incentives, implementation, to ongoing program managementCall today, fill out the contact form, or schedule a free consultation.