Running a business can be difficult enough without having to worry about your employees and whether or not they are satisfied with their job, the business, and what they do. Employee satisfaction is measured by many different things. If an employee feels happy and content in their work, they are more likely to be satisfied. There are many different factors that plan into employee satisfaction. It is not just about the benefits or the work environment.

Maintaining good employee satisfaction can help to keep your business thriving and your employees working hard to reach your goals. According to an article from The Balance, employee satisfaction depends on all of these factors:

  • Treating employees with respect
  • Regular employee recognition
  • Employee empowerment
  • Above-average employee benefits and compensation
  • Employee perks
  • Company activities
  • Positive management in a successful framework of goals, measurements, and expectations

Creating a work environment that provides all of the things listed above, may be difficult, especially if you are not incorporating all of these factors into your business and workplace. But changing your business to include all of the things that allow for employee satisfaction can benefit your business greatly.

Health Benefits

One factor that plays a huge role in employee satisfaction is employee benefits and compensation. If you are sick of paying too much for poor employee benefits, it is time to make a change. At Rittenhouse Benefits LLC, we can help you cut the costs of your employee and health benefits. This doesn’t mean employees will receive less benefits, rather we will incorporate health risk management and wellness programs, allowing your employees to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

At Rittenhouse Benefits, we help increase employee satisfaction by making benefits programs easy to access and easy to understand, and giving your employees a simple and supportive way to make lifestyle changes. We use value-based benefits design, a system that helps to reduce both overuse and underuse of benefits, which can help to save your company money. We can help your business explore options and tailor your benefits to the needs of your employees and organization.

To learn more about value-based benefits design and why it works, read our past blog! With our help, you can learn how to create a benefits programs that gets your business on the right track. Your employees will have a better understanding about their health, when to use health care providers, and how to take care of different conditions, saving you money and changing the overall satisfaction of your employees. Learn more about us and how we can help your business.

While health benefits are a major factor in employee satisfaction, there are many other things that can be done to increase the satisfaction level of your employees. Read on to learn more about how to increase employee satisfaction.

The Environment

A positive working environment can help with employee satisfaction. Creating a work environment that fits the needs of your employees can help them to feel more satisfied in their position and with the business. A different article from The Balance, mentions a survey from 2009, which took a look a 24 factors that related to employee satisfaction. In this study, they found that employees identified “feeling safe in the work environment” as one of the top five factors that affected their satisfaction. Allowing your employees to feel safe in the workspace can help them to feel more satisfied with their jobs. This could even include giving every employee respect, no matter their position in the company, gender, race, beliefs, and whatever else. If your employees feel safe being themselves and know they will be respected, they will be more satisfied with your business.  

Besides feeling safe, the environment of your workplace should be motivating, stimulating, and help your employees stay productive. White walls, limited windows, and fluorescent lights are not the way to do this. If you are having trouble learning how to motivate your employees, ask them what would help them stay more productive throughout the day and make those changes to the office. Allowing employees to have some fun at work, take a moment away from their work to relax, and helping them to stay motivated can help with employee satisfaction.

Playing music in the office, adding decoration and color, and allowing your employees to decorate their desks with some personal items, like photos and plants, can help to build a positive and motivating work environment. These small changes can make all the difference.

Work Relationships

Having friends at work, being involved, and having a good relationship with leaders or management can help to increase job satisfaction. Employees want to feel as though they can talk to management and actually be heard, being able to have good communication with your employees will help them to feel satisfied with their jobs, and doing something about what they say is even better.

Besides managers and leaders, allowing your employees to become friends and giving them opportunities to engage in activities outside of work can help to improve the way your employees feel about your business. A blog from Snack Nation discusses a few way to get employees to become more satisfied with their position and the business. They mention breaking up the routine. While routine is good for allowing people to know what they are doing and not waste time in the beginning of the day, it can also become boring and make focusing hard.

Switching up the routine every so often can help your employees recharge and get out of the rut of their daily lives. Let them work outside, go on a company walk, or schedule a fitness activity for the entire office to take part in at the end of the day. These changes in the day can help excite your employees, give them a break, and allow them to build relationships outside of the work part.

Even scheduling a happy hour for after work one evening can help bring your employees closer together and feel more valued. They will be able to get to know each other more, get to know you, and relax after a day of work. These events and activities can help to break up the routine and allow your employees to get to know each other better.

These are only a few of the many ways to increase employee satisfaction. People want to feel secure in their position, they want to be recognized for their hard work, they need to feel challenged, and as though they are making a difference. Employee satisfaction has become a more important factor and it is causing different companies to make changes to the way they run their business. There are many factors that play into employee satisfaction, and in our next blog we will cover even more of these factors. Remember to learn more about Rittenhouse Benefits to find out what we can do for your business and your employees satisfaction. Contact us today with any questions.