Your business is NOT about administering healthcare benefits to employees. Whether your organization makes better mousetraps, transports goods, or delivers social services—we want to keep your managers focused on your business goals. Administering healthcare benefits should NOT be a distraction from your business focus.

When you work with Rittenhouse Benefits, you can expect us to bring to your organization the best practices, the best solutions, and the implementation support that you need to create a culture of health. You can reduce costs, improve employee satisfaction, and maintain business focus on your organizational targets.

What you can expect Rittenhouse Benefits to deliver

  • Proven wellness strategies
  • Consultative program management that molds to the culture and needs of your organization
  • Integrated program elements that, together, will help you create a culture of health
  • Choose and assemble flexible “plug and play” program options
  • Industry-leading technology with next generation employee benefits administration
  • Implementation excellence—we will accompany you all the way to successful implementation

Improve your business focus—call today

If you need to stop healthcare benefits from being a drain on management attention and a distraction from your business focus, but you also want improved employee health, reach out to Rittenhouse Benefits. Call or fill out the contact form to arrange a no-obligation meeting or webinar. We are here to help you succeed!