Great benefits administration technology and tools, enable great outcomes. With Rittenhouse Benefits, you can expect simplicityefficiency, and accessibility in benefits administration. Next generation benefits administration technology is within your grasp.

  • Simplicity — consolidate all carrier invoices and replace each carrier’s individual application.
  • Efficiency — offer a selection of benefits programs from different carriers, without the overhead of managing multiple carriers and plans.
  • Accessibility — provide your employees with direct access to benefits data, forms, online wellness resources, and much more via an easy-to-use web portal.

Don’t expect a one size fits all technology solution

Innovations in benefits administration technology can streamline your enrollment, billing, and administration are great – if they support your business environment.

Have you had the experience of working with benefits administration systems that don’t fit your needs and don’t support your business goals? At Rittenhouse Benefits, we deliver the mix of technology, services, and support that meets your goals, fits your organization, and works in your culture. We will never force-feed you a technology solution. While a one size fits all approach is great for the vendor, it is unlikely to meet your needs.

Cloud benefits administration technology

Whatever your business is, your choice in benefits administration technology should support your business goals. Tech overhead for benefits should never be a drag on your business. At Rittenhouse Benefits, we support cloud-based solutions, freeing your tech team to keep focus on meeting business targets. Bottom line: no software necessary.

Beyond reconciliation reports to real consolidated billing

Consolidated billing enables efficient integration between management, your staff, your broker/consultant, and the insurance carriers that provide coverage to your employees. At Rittenhouse Benefits, we take you beyond reconciliation reports. One invoice. One payment. All carriers are paid. The bottom line: greatly improved efficiency in billing and reconciliation.

Easy online enrollment; self-service activity requests

Replace the array of different applications for each carrier you work with. Simplify! Create a single application, branded with your logo. The application covers most lines of coverage, including FSA and HRA information, beneficiary data, and more.

With streamlined online enrollment, you can replace time-consuming and costly in office meetings and paper-based enrollment processes. Employees can self-service activity requests online. Bottom line: lower cost, faster turnaround, and greater employee satisfaction.

Get the reports that you need, out-of-the-box

We believe that you should not be paying extra fees to get the reports that you need. At Rittenhouse Benefits, we expect payroll reports, cost reports, W2 reports, and much more to be part of your standard package. Don’t see a report that you need? Let us know and we will seek to have it provided at no additional cost.

Is it true that I can get access to benefits administration technology?

At Rittenhouse Benefits, we may be able to provide next generation benefits administration technology to you at no cost. You will be able to get consolidated billing for all your employee insurance programs, integrated COBRA administration, and much more. Monthly audits limit your costs to actual employees receiving benefits in the current month. Instead of taking months to get a terminated employee off the invoice, make sure that you stop paying promptly for terminated employees.

In some cases, we can provide you with core functionality of next generation benefits administration technology at no cost to you. If your organization has fifty or more employees, call us today to check if you can get the basic enrollment & HRIS portions of the system at no cost. (Consolidated Billing does carry additional charges.)

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