Rittenhouse Benefits is a boutique employee benefits consulting firm serving the Greater Delaware Valley.

For companies that need to reduce the spiraling costs of employee benefits and health insurance programs, we have creative solutions that can help you bend the cost curve. At Rittenhouse Benefits, we deliver benefits with the highest levels of quality and client service, while delivering support for your business goals. If you need to keep your team focused on growing your business, and control costs while increasing employee satisfaction — you should be talking with our professionals at Rittenhouse Benefits. We will build a customized program and strategy that meets your organization’s needs.

Don’t expect a one size fits all technology solution

Innovations in benefits administration that can streamline your enrollment, billing, and administration are great – if they support your business environment.

Have you had the experience of working with benefits administration systems that don’t fit your needs and don’t support your business goals? At Rittenhouse Benefits, we deliver the mix of technology, services, and support that meets your goals, fits your organization, and works in your culture. We will never force-feed you a technology solution. While a one size fits all approach is great for the vendor, it is unlikely to meet your needs. Click here to learn more about technology for human resources and benefits administration. Rittenhouse Benefits is your address for effective employee benefits consulting.

Value based plan – design and implementation

In most organizations, just 20% of employees drive the majority of claims. Value Based Plan Design – emphasizing wellness and risk management – encourage healthier behavior, lower costs, and reduce absenteeism. Our consultants are experts at designing incentive based plan designs that work. Click here to learn more about technology for human resources and benefits administration.

Employee benefits strategies and support

Whether you have five employees or five hundred employees, our experts can deliver the most up to date service for HR support, regulatory compliance, communication, and special projects.

Through the benefits planning process we work with you to develop a comprehensive strategy incorporating both short and long term goals over a three to five year horizon. No two accounts are alike and our unique planning process enables us to design a custom program based on your business’s unique needs from benefits planning through implementation to ongoing customer service. We combine technical expertise with a total customer service model. We also bring to the table an affordable and transparent pricing model that will save you money whether we work on a fee or commission basis. Click here to learn more about our employee benefits consulting.

Administer employee benefits more effectively

Your business shouldn’t be hindered by lack of infrastructure or expertise in human resources. Keep your staff focused on delivering value, growing your business, and earning profits. Click here to learn more about how Rittenhouse Benefits can deliver state-of-the-art human resources and benefits administration to your organization.

To learn more about what we do or to get started contact us or schedule a free consultation.